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Terms of service

Read the conditions that you approve when purchasing a product/service from Sv-Hosting


Sv-Hosting agrees to provide services to the consumer, subject to the following ("Terms and Conditions") We use different words to speak on behalf of "Sv-Hosting" in this document, "Sv-Hosting", "we", "our "and" us "addresses sv-hosting.dk. "customer", "consumer", "buyer", "you", "your" address you as a consumer of our service. We use the word "SDS" as an abbreviation of "Shared dedicated server". By every purchase from sv-hosting.dk, you accept these terms and conditions, and that you have read them, understood them and commit yourself to keeping up to date on them.

§1General rent at Sv-Hosting

Sv-Hosting may at any time change the terms and price of the rental, but not the products that are already below the old price. Sv-Hosting reserves the right to access customer data and product data if there is suspicion and illegal activity or breach of trading conditions. It is the customer's own responsibility to keep their account information up to date and correct.

§2Responsibility for data

When using products from Sv-Hosting, it is at the customer's own responsibility, Sv-Hosting does not assume responsibility for data and content, ie the customer must be responsible for infringing or illegal material.

§3Right of withdrawal

We waive the normal 14-day right of withdrawal as the product the customer receives is a virtual product and is taken into use immediately. In special cases where Sv-Hosting is to blame for the customer's product has a lot of downtime, exceptions can be made. Sv-Hosting is not responsible if the customer buys the wrong product, however this is the case, the customer can contact Sv-Hosting's support to find one solution so that the customer receives the correct product.


Sv-Hosting offers some scripts, the customer installs scripts on their product themselves, they must not burden the server to an unreasonable degree.

§5Payment and creation

An invoice is issued when purchasing a product. Once the customer has paid for the product, a subscription will be created (Item 9) and the customer's product will begin setup. The customer can choose whether they want to renew the server every 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

§5.1Renewal and expiration of product

It is the customer's own responsibility to extend their rental period of their product. An invoice will be created which must be paid 10 days before the product expires, 7 days before the expiration date, the customer will receive an e-mail that their product will expire soon. If the customer is registered for automatic payment, we will if the chosen payment method is credit card (quickpay) withdraw every day at 19 and 5 days before due date to avoid any payment problems, paid with PayPal it will be the same date as due date at the same time as originally. If the product is not paid after the product's expiration date, the customer will receive an email every day for 3 days that their product has expired and will soon be deleted if it is not paid. If the customer has not paid for his product 5 days after the product's expiration date, it will be automatically deleted and can not be restored.

§5.2Termination of product

If the customer wishes to terminate their product, they can manually terminate it via PayPal's website by canceling the automatic payment and letting their product expire, the customer also has the option of contacting the support and having the support terminate their product. In the event of termination via the support port, you may be asked some questions after which it will be terminated after answering. The customer has a 7-day notice period (at 12:00), if it is not terminated 5 days before the expiration date, we can extend the product 1 month.


If the customer creates a chargeback on their product, Sv-Hosting reserves the right to suspend the customer's product until the chargeback case is over, the rental period will still continue, referred to in 5.1. Sv-Hosting also reserves the right to call the customer on the telephone number they have written during the creation of their account.

§6Personal data and information

Sv-Hosting does not pass on its information to a third party, ie the information between Sv-Hosting and the customer becomes confidential. According to the Personal Data Act, the customer has the right to gain full insight into the information that Sv-Hosting has about the customer. It is the customer's own responsibility for the security of their account, it is exposed to unauthorized use of the account, therefore Sv-Hosting recommends that one's code is with special characters, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and does not resemble any of the other codes the customer normally uses.

§7Violation of conditions

If the customer violates the applicable rules, Sv-Hosting will issue a warning via email and repeatedly the user or product will be closed or deleted. Sv-Hosting reserves the right to close the customer's account or delete the customer's product.

§8Data loss or lost data

Sv-Hosting cannot be held liable for lost data in the event of, for example, power failure, system failure, burglary or the like. The customer is fully responsible for all data and lost data.

§9Automatic subscription payment

When ordering product, the customer automatically signs up for subscription payment and the product will be automatically renewed on the expiration date. If you want the automatic subscription payment canceled, this must be notified in writing via e-mail or support case. The customer can also cancel the automatic payment via PayPal's website if the chosen payment method is PayPal.


We help with almost everything, we reserve the right to reject if we are busy, do not have the solution, take a very long time, are not through our support system or email, abuse of support or are not related to your product or the like .

§11Server regler & EULA

The rules and EULA rules that belong to the products we host, you as a customer automatically accept when purchasing the product.

§12Game server storage space

All customers who have a game server have a limited amount of storage space. All our game servers have 20 GB of space and Minecraft servers have 4 GB (4096MB) per GB of RAM. If you as a customer have a higher consumption than you can with a special agreement get it increased, you do not have this and have an overconsumption, we reserve the right to suspend your product and give you a warning via e-mail that it must be fixed within 7 days, if this is not fixed, we have the right to make the necessary choice of all forms, such as deletion.

§12.1Game server resource consumption

If the customer uses an unfair consumption of resources in relation to the number of other customers who are on the same machine and their products, Sv-Hosting reserves the right to suspend the server (s) that has an unfair consumption and give the customer a warning via e -mail and ask the customer to fix it within 4 days, if this is not fixed, Sv-Hosting reserves the right to suspend the product and in the worst case delete the product or the part from the product that takes an unfair consumption of resources.


All servers with associated EULA and rules accept Sv-Hosting on behalf of the customer when setting up their product, when ordering a product, the customer automatically accepts the product's EULA and set of rules.

§14VPS Windows

We offer Linux for free for VPS servers but offer Windows. The customer can rent a license through us or install a Windows Server license, we are not responsible if it runs without a license but this is required.

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